"Join me on my hunt for new ways to see beauty and to express feeling ... to keep life simple, to notice the little things and to love it all. "

Annie Edelman

...waiting for winter

The dreariest thoughts weighed me down while I was waiting for winter.
But then she saw them....

She always finds something simply extraordinary to buoy our spirits even on the bleakest days.
....and that's how I learned ...
it's hard to whinge with a smile on your face.

...a world full of individuals....

I complained to her that I had taken a hard blow that day.
And all she said was: "The resilience of the human spirit never ceases to amaze me."
I know she considered this a good thing
but I just couldn't help thinking about all those
billions and billions of human spirits out there,
and about how they just kept on keeping on, in spite of all their blows.
The more I thought about a world full of individuals,
each with their very own individual hardships,
the better my life looked.

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