"Join me on my hunt for new ways to see beauty and to express feeling ... to keep life simple, to notice the little things and to love it all. "

Annie Edelman

...waiting for winter

The dreariest thoughts weighed me down while I was waiting for winter.
But then she saw them....

She always finds something simply extraordinary to buoy our spirits even on the bleakest days.
....and that's how I learned ...
it's hard to whinge with a smile on your face.


shopgirl said...

Hey Annie! I just took a look at some of your pages. That's so AWESOME! I'm so glad that you decided to organize all your photos, art and shop. You have an amazing and diverse portfolio! I'm so glad you decided to show it off.

p.s. your comment made me really happy! :-))

Wishing you an awesome day!


Dirty Dolly Design said...

Thank you Reese, you are an inspiration!
I'll be visiting you again soon.

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