"Join me on my hunt for new ways to see beauty and to express feeling ... to keep life simple, to notice the little things and to love it all. "

Annie Edelman

I was always a sure bet ...

For a someone who didn't have much use for material things,
she certainly gave up a lot for a little security.
I'm sure she confused security with love
and I'm not sure if she ever did work out the difference.
If she did manage to figure it out, it was a lifetime too late for us.

...security can trap you in a place that love can't get to
but love will set you free,

I loved her,
but that just set her free from me.

...she was dearly loved by so many
but the love of many can't touch you till you can be touched by the love of yourself.

I know she loved me ... just not enough to gamble with ....
shame, I was always a sure bet!

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