"Join me on my hunt for new ways to see beauty and to express feeling ... to keep life simple, to notice the little things and to love it all. "

Annie Edelman

... easier to love.

She saw the best in us, all of us, no matter what!
So naturally she brought out the best in us.
I guess that made us easier to love.

...the way to happiness.

She knows the way to happiness.
She has it all mapped out.
But right now she's just way too busy
fussing with the details of every one elses lives.
So she can't seem to find time to follow her map.

Private magic ....

When she is sure no one is watching,
she'll stand slowly in her long, straight way.
Poised on tippy toes she'll unfurl her gossamer wings.
It's a sight to see their full span stretch and flutter.
With effortless poise she leaps into the air.
And off she soars! Gliding gracefully on a breeze.
Singing her happy song.
The sight of her will steal my breath away, time and time again.
She has a lot of private magic like that!
Who can resist beautiful David Delamare fairy images.

If you had magic for just one day ...

If you had magic for just one day,
and you could magic away all the things in your life
that did not bring you a scrap of joy.
What are the things that you would be left with?

No one is watching ....

They're watching.
They're listening.
You've been hurt before and you will be again.

Now dance, sing and love anyway!

... one of your good days?

Don't you just love it when you have
one of your good days and you are grinning and skipping - full of beans?
Have you ever noticed that those are the days
when nothing but ordinary stuff happens?
It's just seems that with a heart wide open
every thing seems lighter and brighter
and whole lot less serious.

Letting the Muddy Waters Settle ...

"Sit back and find the discipline not to react;
let the muddy waters settle till the appropriate action becomes clear?"
She always appeared so graceful with her emotions and with mine,
so she must have practised this technique time and time again.

Catch a moment .....

Sometimes, for a split second,
the world stops whirring and whirling,
and you get a chance to just catch a moment
and privately savour it a second longer
before someone presses the fast forward button again.

Our bright star...

When they'd ask me if it was cold in her shadow,
I'd tell them that I knew there was a shadow
but we were always kept playing on the sunny side.

Keep your eye on the shiny bits.

I told her I liked him because he was
a "what you see is what you get" kind of guy.
And she said, " Everybody has shiny bits and murky shadows
that you can't see from the outside.
And, you usually see what you look for, at first.
But eventually it all gets a turn to bubble up to the surface
and you can't help but glimpse it then."
So I decided, right then and there,
that if I was going to live happily every after,
I had better keep my eye on the shiny bits.

Her kind little message.

She just knew which kind little message to give each and everyone,
so they could tuck it into their heart pocket and keep it safe there, forever and ever.
I take mine out on cold days when I get lonely.
It's a bit tattered these days but it still makes me feel warm and special.

...life's journey.

"I have not lost my passion for life's journey!" she exclaimed fearlessly.

"But now, without a sense of urgency," she went on,
"I get a new perspective with every step I take".

She may have grinned with her tongue in her cheek when she told me;
" Sometimes the texture and beauty along the way will
take my breath away and I'll miss my footing on the stepping stones."
.... all this time I thought it was arthritis and sherry that took her balance.

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Today's post was inspired by http://danceofapaintedlady.blogspot.com/
June 19. Stepping Stones.

... nothing left to say.

Some times at an ending,
there's just a great big space,
and it's not sad,
it's just that there's nothing left to say.

Don't tell the grown ups .....

It's days like this when my head is a whirl with pirates and pearls
and golden treasure with milky chocolate inside,
and my heart is dancing to songs of dandelions on a breeze.....
yes it's days like this when it is really really hard to get on with the serious stuff.
Don't tell the grown ups but these are my favourite days.

Room for some new good stuff...

It’s pretty sad to know
that it is all the bad stuff that holds us together.
Sometimes I wonder if we let some of it go
there might be room for some new good stuff.

I was always a sure bet ...

For a someone who didn't have much use for material things,
she certainly gave up a lot for a little security.
I'm sure she confused security with love
and I'm not sure if she ever did work out the difference.
If she did manage to figure it out, it was a lifetime too late for us.

...security can trap you in a place that love can't get to
but love will set you free,

I loved her,
but that just set her free from me.

...she was dearly loved by so many
but the love of many can't touch you till you can be touched by the love of yourself.

I know she loved me ... just not enough to gamble with ....
shame, I was always a sure bet!

Demons from the past ....

We all have demons from the the past.
The trick is not to let their musty fumes hijack you
from the moment you could be enjoying right now.

Her mother should have warned her about days like that ...

My mum would get very annoyed when she had one of her bad days.
She'd run late and get all flustered and put her g-string on side ways.
She said her mother should have warned her about days like that,
but I guess Grand Ma only ever wore sensible bloomers.

Burst bubble syndrome ...

"Why do I get so nervous when everything in life is so perfect." She asked.
"You've just got burst bubble syndrome." I told her,
"Its the thing that keeps us from taking all the good stuff for granted."

Keep enjoying the magic .....

I was really self disciplined when I was younger.Whenever my galloping heart was light and giddy with a carosel of shiny distractions I'd focus hard, be all serious, and do the grown up stuff anyway.
Now that I'm older I know it's better to keep enjoying the magic and save some for later because there will be days when you forget where you put your pixie dust.

36. We don't need to search for something we already have...

She warned me,
“Don’t be swept up by the feeling that we have to keep on pushing

and rushing and working and toiling really, really, really hard to be successful and happy.”
She told me, “Happiness is simple and it is always there.
We don’t need to search for something that we already have,
we just need to notice and enjoy."
Through all the changes in life, the things that bring me comfort and joy remain pretty much the same, maybe it's time I climbed up into the attic and dusted of some of those simple pleasures.

35. All the amour I'll ever need...

Self respect sometimes came at a price
but it was one of the few things worth fighting for.
That was what he told me.
He also said to wear my self respect always
because it would be all the amour I would ever need.
But he never got round to telling me where to get it.

When I'm a Grandma ....

When I'm a Grandma there'll be special times when I'll sit with the children under the moon light and I'll tell them stories. Tales of pirates and princesses.

They'll know that Daddy was a hero and we never quite figured out how he came to be so clever but we think it's because of his old soul that's been around learning stuff before he was even born.

And Mummy was an exotic soldier who's ancestors once ruled the world. They'll be proud to know of her secret shiny sword with the power to slay the meanest dragon of all.

I'll tell them about the magic fairy that lives in their Aunty's ear and shows her how to look deep into the hearts of people and understand the stuff she sees there.

I'll tell them our stories of love and broken hearts, of power and success, of our journeys and celebrations.

When we go inside to make cupcakes and blow bubbles we'll all feel deep in our hearts that we are part of something big and sound and special.

33. Just like you always did ...

It's really hard to believe all the stuff people say when a special person dies, like them never really being gone and they'll always be with you ... blah blah blah.
Then I catch myself chating to you, and you are solving my problems, making me feel like I came up with the answers all by myself, just like you always did.

32. A broken heart keeps on beating...

I know how much a broken heart hurts while it just keeps on beating.
Even now the scar feels so cruel.
But I’ve heard that light passes most easily through shattered things,
so I guess that’s why a broken heart can leave us just that little bit more enlightened.
Maybe that's why we feel compelled to shield the hearts of our babies
but if we lock them away how will their love ever shine through again?

31. It's just not your turn....

When I told her about my longings. She explained,
“It’s just not your turn at the moment, one day your turn will come.”

And suddenly my sadness was gone and my yearning was eased. That‘s when I knew that I must throw myself into loving my life, right now, as it is today, because when my turn did come along I wanted to be ready. I even felt happy for all the others to have their turn.

30. The stuff heros do...

I understand that the stuff heros do is tough and everything.
But mostly it’s the everyday things
that take the most courage.
Going into the world day after day

forgiving and loving all over again and again and again.

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