"Join me on my hunt for new ways to see beauty and to express feeling ... to keep life simple, to notice the little things and to love it all. "

Annie Edelman

... nothing left to say.

Some times at an ending,
there's just a great big space,
and it's not sad,
it's just that there's nothing left to say.


Carla said...

HI Annie, thanks for visiting my blog. So lovely to have found you and thanks for the beautiful pics. photos tell such great stories. Carla

Catherine@Simply Natural said...

Love the texture and the detail in this image. Hope you are enjoying your weekend Annie.
Best wishes

Dirty Dolly Design said...

Thank you Catherine. This image is a lichen and moss covered branch from a Dogwood Tree in my Mum's backyard in Georgia USA.In the distance you can make out the shape of her bird feeder. She was a "simply natural" (ha ha) woman. A huge natural lover. She went to heaven just this week and this post was for her so it's nice to receive your lovely comment. I have made a note on my computer to remind myself to comment on your next post to let you know that - Everytime I open your blog it's like being washed over by a gentle flood of calm and peace. I look forward to enjoying your posts, past and present. Annie

Maria Killam said...

If it's not sad, then it means you are complete. And that is a great place to be.

Lovely quote!

kendalee said...

So true! If only more endings felt like this - not sad, just the natural conclusion...

Thank you for your encouraging comment on my blog Annie. I've just browsed back through your archive and some of your phototales have really touched me. I'm so glad to have discovered you. Kendalee

Dirty Dolly Design said...

Great news Kendalee,
My new post mentions you with a link to your blog because I was so inspired by your post it started an avalanche of PhotoTales for me.
Thanks for that. Annie

Claire said...

Annie it is amazing to discover fragments of oneself in another. Thank you for taking the time to look at my blog and to comment. It means a lot to me.

I am having to move away from serious blogging for a while due to a steadily growing business but I will still be here and I will still be posting and reading. I will just not be able to comment as often as I do on other's blogs.


Dirty Dolly Design said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dirty Dolly Design said...

Congratulations Claire! Enjoy your growth, I'm glad your blog will still be there for us all to enjoy.
Hope to hear from you once and awhile.Annie xxx

shopgirl said...

What an absolutely true and lovely post. Words of wisdom like this are necessary in our everyday lives.


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