"Join me on my hunt for new ways to see beauty and to express feeling ... to keep life simple, to notice the little things and to love it all. "

Annie Edelman

Keep enjoying the magic .....

I was really self disciplined when I was younger.Whenever my galloping heart was light and giddy with a carosel of shiny distractions I'd focus hard, be all serious, and do the grown up stuff anyway.
Now that I'm older I know it's better to keep enjoying the magic and save some for later because there will be days when you forget where you put your pixie dust.

36. We don't need to search for something we already have...

She warned me,
“Don’t be swept up by the feeling that we have to keep on pushing

and rushing and working and toiling really, really, really hard to be successful and happy.”
She told me, “Happiness is simple and it is always there.
We don’t need to search for something that we already have,
we just need to notice and enjoy."
Through all the changes in life, the things that bring me comfort and joy remain pretty much the same, maybe it's time I climbed up into the attic and dusted of some of those simple pleasures.

35. All the amour I'll ever need...

Self respect sometimes came at a price
but it was one of the few things worth fighting for.
That was what he told me.
He also said to wear my self respect always
because it would be all the amour I would ever need.
But he never got round to telling me where to get it.

When I'm a Grandma ....

When I'm a Grandma there'll be special times when I'll sit with the children under the moon light and I'll tell them stories. Tales of pirates and princesses.

They'll know that Daddy was a hero and we never quite figured out how he came to be so clever but we think it's because of his old soul that's been around learning stuff before he was even born.

And Mummy was an exotic soldier who's ancestors once ruled the world. They'll be proud to know of her secret shiny sword with the power to slay the meanest dragon of all.

I'll tell them about the magic fairy that lives in their Aunty's ear and shows her how to look deep into the hearts of people and understand the stuff she sees there.

I'll tell them our stories of love and broken hearts, of power and success, of our journeys and celebrations.

When we go inside to make cupcakes and blow bubbles we'll all feel deep in our hearts that we are part of something big and sound and special.

33. Just like you always did ...

It's really hard to believe all the stuff people say when a special person dies, like them never really being gone and they'll always be with you ... blah blah blah.
Then I catch myself chating to you, and you are solving my problems, making me feel like I came up with the answers all by myself, just like you always did.

32. A broken heart keeps on beating...

I know how much a broken heart hurts while it just keeps on beating.
Even now the scar feels so cruel.
But I’ve heard that light passes most easily through shattered things,
so I guess that’s why a broken heart can leave us just that little bit more enlightened.
Maybe that's why we feel compelled to shield the hearts of our babies
but if we lock them away how will their love ever shine through again?

31. It's just not your turn....

When I told her about my longings. She explained,
“It’s just not your turn at the moment, one day your turn will come.”

And suddenly my sadness was gone and my yearning was eased. That‘s when I knew that I must throw myself into loving my life, right now, as it is today, because when my turn did come along I wanted to be ready. I even felt happy for all the others to have their turn.

30. The stuff heros do...

I understand that the stuff heros do is tough and everything.
But mostly it’s the everyday things
that take the most courage.
Going into the world day after day

forgiving and loving all over again and again and again.

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