"Join me on my hunt for new ways to see beauty and to express feeling ... to keep life simple, to notice the little things and to love it all. "

Annie Edelman

... the most valuable times.

I love nights like this, when we just hang out till midnight creeps up to surprise us.
No matter how old I get I'll always remember just sitting with you,
listening to all your stories, laughing and losing track of the hours.
One day we'll be proud of ourselves for using our time so wisely.

The truth

The moment you completely accept the truth,
no matter what it is,
all the bull fades to irrelevance.
And ain't that a load off!

For Sally with love

It is so fitting that Spring is knocking at our hearts, look at all those beautiful buds out there.... busting to burst.... new life, new starts, new hope and another chance to love life and each other all over again and again and again.

Get it over and done with!

She was always living on the brink of a catastrophe.
Sometimes we found ourselves wishing one would happen,
just so it would be over and done with 
and we could all start enjoying ourselves again.

Keep calm and carry on

These days her heart aches pretty much all the time.

She carries on by shifting her focus away from the empty spaces.

It really works for a moment.

So she'll get through today one moment at a time.......

Now I'm waiting for Spring

"I really, truly do want to start living", he said,
"but it's just so hard while I'm waiting
 for that frozen still feeling to pass".

...waiting for winter

The dreariest thoughts weighed me down while I was waiting for winter.
But then she saw them....

She always finds something simply extraordinary to buoy our spirits even on the bleakest days.
....and that's how I learned ...
it's hard to whinge with a smile on your face.

...a world full of individuals....

I complained to her that I had taken a hard blow that day.
And all she said was: "The resilience of the human spirit never ceases to amaze me."
I know she considered this a good thing
but I just couldn't help thinking about all those
billions and billions of human spirits out there,
and about how they just kept on keeping on, in spite of all their blows.
The more I thought about a world full of individuals,
each with their very own individual hardships,
the better my life looked.

Perhaps a little birdie tells her.

How is it she always seems to know?
She knows just what to say, and when to say nothing.
She knows when to hold you tight
and when to let you fly.
Perhaps a little birdie tells her.

Suddenly I'll Seem to Know a Lot More Then.

Right now they don't listen to anything I have to offer.

I don't mind because I know that I won't know much at all

till they are much older and have made a few of their own mistakes.

Suddenly I'll seem to know a lot more them.

Clogging up the paperwork....

I remember him saying,
"It's better to give a little of what you have now,
rather than promise a lot of what you may not have later.
IOU's clog up the paper work and clutter the mind."

... no need to let that go too.

I sat quietly with the old woman today
while she told her stories of love and loss.
She told me of war, of how it had claimed her first born son.
It had been a long, long time since she cradled him,
crooned and cuddled him.
She could fix anything then,
every tear, every pain, every fear dissolved with her very presence.
As she inhaled deeply she spoke of the warm scent of her new born boy;
his softness, his need, his love.
I could see in her misty eye that she still felt where his warmth had been so very long ago.
She told me she can still feel that first flutter in her belly and hiccup at her breast.
It's a private bliss, hers to recall forever.
She'll keep that fragment, there's no need to let that go too.

... love life all over again ... anyway.

Some memories are cold and hard and sharp,
and no amount of sunny thoughts can erase the chill completely.
And that's just the way it is.
So you have to get out there and love life all over again ... anyway.
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