"Join me on my hunt for new ways to see beauty and to express feeling ... to keep life simple, to notice the little things and to love it all. "

Annie Edelman

Perhaps a little birdie tells her.

How is it she always seems to know?
She knows just what to say, and when to say nothing.
She knows when to hold you tight
and when to let you fly.
Perhaps a little birdie tells her.


shopgirl said...

Hi Annie, I had just left a comment, but the power went out, so I'm not sure if you got it. Firstly, thank you as well for stopping by. I love the exchange of ideas and support through blogging. Also, I was wondering...are these your poems because they are truly lovely.

Now a follower too.

Rambles with Reese

Linda Sue said...

Oh I hope that little bird does not dive in too deeply, would not be good for either...love this shot and the poem is exquisite...good job you - Love your new blog place- so pretty and wonderful! Just like YOU!

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